Garden Days


Ground Work

Learn to love your soil! The secret to healthy plants is to have healthy soil. I will help you dig over the soil, remove weeds and add compost to improve the soil structure. We’ll get the digging done in the morning so the hard work is out of the way!

Sourcing Plants

This is the most fun part of the day. We decide how many plants we may need, then its off to my favourite nurseries to choose plants. I can advise you on which plants will suit your soil and which will not. We put plant combinations together at the nursery so you can see the effect in the garden.


Planting Up

Back to your garden with your new plants and we arrange them in their positions, finding spaces for the extras which always seem to be bought! I will show you how to plant them, the spacing, and critically the watering in. Plants will always need more water than you think they do.

Your New Garden!

I will give you advice on how to care for your plants, keep the soil healthy, and I will show you the correct maintenance techniques. Then let your garden mature over a few months and you will be able to enjoy your garden for years to come..